Thank you for your curiosity about upgrading your sleep with the SAMINA sleep system—arguably the smartest, healthiest bed you can buy. Although it can seem confusing at first glance but once you understand the logic, it will make you wonder why they still sell mattresses in just one layer! One of the unique features of SAMINA is that it is completely customizable to you.

Although it’s best when you can schedule an appointment to view our products and experience the SAMINA difference in person, but you may also order directly from us by phone. A SAMINA Sleep Concierge will verify your order to ensure you and your sleeping partner, when applicable, have the right system for your respective physical needs and specific sleep concerns. Roughly half of our US and Canadian sales are to people who never touched SAMINA before they experienced their own beds and we bet SAMINA can be the right solution for you, too. To receive a quotation, we need some information from you.

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Essential Layers of the SAMINA Healthy Sleep System

There are three essential layers to each healthy sleep system. The wool topper is purchased as is in almost every case. When necessary, the SAMINA slats may be adjusted for complete comfort and support. The North American standard natural rubber mattress is 3 inches (7.5 cm) thick because people here have been socialized to sleep in deep, plush, soft mattresses. In Europe, the 2 inch (5 cm) thick is more often used and can be an option depending on body weight and sleep preferences.

The three essential layers are:

  • Climate-regulating wool pad topper
  • Comforting, circulation supporting natural rubber mattress
  • Orthopedic slats

Additionally, depending on your needs and budget, SAMINA offers healthy sleep products to upgrade and enhance your healthy sleep experience. These items are sold separately because they may also be used on other mattresses.

  • Duvets – Bioceramic organic cotton filled with pure virgin sheeps wool
  • Pillows – orthopedic and organic, luxuriously comfortable
  • Lokosana® Grounding Pad for sleeping
  • Lokosana® Grounding Pad for office chair
  • SoundLife® System and Pillow – especially for serious insomniacs and people who suffer from medical sleep disorders


Because each of us is a unique individual with our own body shape, weight, sleep needs, preferences and when sleeping with a partner, you have these considerations times two. We offer the ideal sleep system for you. To do so requires more information from you. Simply answer a few questions to assure we offer you the right system, in the right size and, when necessary, with the right modifications or add-on’s to make this your best bed for your best and healthiest sleep ever.


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